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Group Therapy in Granada Hills, Simi Valley, and Camarillo, CA

At Growing Minds Granada Hills, Simi Valley, and Camarillo, CA, some of our clinicians offer group therapy for a variety of issues, depending on the needs of our new and existing clients.

​We offer groups for children and teens focused emotion regulation skills, social skills, and anxiety management skills.

For Adults, we offer Parenting Classes, Anxiety Management classes, and a Sexual Assault Survivor’s Group.​​

There is strength in numbers, and the collective experience is often very therapeutic in it of itself. By listening to others and learning from their experiences and reactions, children and adults learn that they are often not alone when experiencing their stressors or maladaptive responses. Groups at Growing Minds allow our clients to experience a sense of belonging and connectedness in a safe and nurturing environment, while learning new coping strategies, social skills, anxiety and negative emotion management skills.

For more information about group therapy or to join a group through Growing Minds, call today. 

Please note these groups may not be covered by insurance.

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