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Clinical Psychology in Camarillo, CA

771 E.Daily Dr Suite 310 Camarillo Ca. 93010

Linda Arroyo, LMFT​

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I earned my degree in Counseling Psychology from Cal Lutheran University. I enjoy working with families, couples, individuals, adolescents and children. I have worked in various settings such as non-profits, school based, an IOP outpatient program and juvenile court programs. I am a certified Triple P provider (Evidence based parenting program) assisting parents with challenging behaviors and or emotional regulation.


As a mental health therapist, I understand parenting can get tough and unexpected life events within the family unit can create separation anxiety, anger, fears, irritability, and depression in your child or yourself.   I enjoy working with parents to help them plan and strategize ways to reduce undesirable behaviors their children present with, as well as helping them support their children’s emotional needs.

I joined Growing Minds in 2017 and see clients in our Camarillo office.

Linda Arroyo, LMFT​

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